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Side-Rite Siding Gauges

  • Install a level 1 1/4" starter strip to keep a consistent plank angle.  This will also act as a resting surface for the  1 1/4" overlap notch of the Side-Rite tool for the next piece above.

  • Place the tools on both sides of the first piece of siding.*  For the left side, place siding in channel labeled "L" and for the right  side, place siding in the "R" channel.  Always recheck level of first row of siding before continuing.

  • Place the tool tight to trim board to create the consistent 1/8" vertical gap.  Keep the siding tight to the wall; slide it down until the 1 1/4" notch of both tools are engaged with the top of the starter strip/siding.  Nail securely in place.**

  • When measuring between openings/corner boards, subtract ¼" from your measurement, to leave room for the 1/8" gap on each end. If butting against another plank, only subtract 1/16" for that end.

  • Do not nail ends until flashing is installed, once the next piece is in place.

  • To remove, gently pull each siding gauge by the bottom slightly toward you, to clear the 5/16" starter strip (or siding below), and then down, releasing it from the siding piece.

  • Measure and cut next piece, remembering to subtract for appropriate gap measurements. In this instance, we are butting against a corner board on one end, and the previous plank on the other, so we'll need 3/16" total in gap spacing.

  • Slide gauges onto ends and butt against the last piece installed.  Side-Rite gauges have a groove on the back, to align with the previous piece and ensure the field joints are maginally touching every time (approx. 1/16").

  • Nail in place, leaving ends unfastened, and remove siding gauges

  • Slide flashing up and under siding joint from beneath, and nail ends in place.

  • Move to next piece and repeat, until your project is complete.


* This product is intended for fiber cement siding only.

** Always install all siding per manufacturer installation instructions.

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